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eventListenerJob Task Purpose

The eventListenerJob task is used to pause and wait for an event that matches a specified topic and schema. Job variables can also be used with this task.

Note: This task is for on premise IAP install only.

Potential Use Case

Suppose you have an email queue and it requires all of the relevant information in a form to be filled out. The eventListenerJob could be used to pause the request if the correct information is not present when the request is passed through.


Input and output parameters are shown below.

Incoming Type Required Description
job_id string Yes The job ID.
source string Yes The source that provides the topic.
topic string Yes The event topic.
schema object Yes A valid JSON schema that uniquely identifies an event.

Outgoing Type Description
result object The payload of the captured event.


In this example, the source string is referring to @itential/app-workflow_engine to pull the job information.

The event topic is jobPause. The job will complete once it's paused on the Jobs page, where the result is shown.

The schema from the source being listened for is {"type":"object","required":["job"],"properties":{"job":{}}}.


The result returns information relevant to the workflow, namely the job _id, name, type, and tasks.


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