Device Backups
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Device Backups

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Device backups are similar to existing backups in other Itential applications. They provide a reference point of a device's configuration at a given point in time. On the Backups page, the card layout shows all the backups that have been created for various devices on the platform. The details on each backup are unique to each device. Each backup card will show information that further delineates the history of the device's configuration. From this page, filtering, sorting, pagination and batch deletion actions are available.

Figure 1: Device Backups Collection

Editing a Device Backup

The Backup Details page of a specific device backup shows information on a card located at the top and one larger sized card with two tabs at the bottom.

Figure 2: Edit Device Backup

UI Element Description
Backup Details (card) Displays backup information for a device.
Configuration (tab) Allows user to view the raw configuration of a selected backup.
Backups (tab) When the user selects a backup record for comparison, the Backup diff card is populated with a detailed, side-by-side view of differences between the two selected configurations. From this view, changes made over time to a device configuration, or the comparison of devices within a group, are made apparent.

Details such as description, notes and access control of a device backup can be changed through the settings menu. To display this menu, click the blue vertical dots (icon) on the top toolbar.

Figure 3: Edit Device Backup Details

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