Creating a Profile for RADIUS Adapter
  • 13 Jun 2022
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Creating a Profile for RADIUS Adapter

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Article Summary

The steps for creating a profile for the RADIUS adapter are outlined below.

  1. Select an existing profile (usually it is profile1) from the Profiles collections in the left navbar.

  2. Click the stacked dots icon (upper-right) and select Clone from the menu options.

    Figure 1: Clone Profile

  3. Enter a name for the new profile (i.e., RADIUS) and click the Clone button. The profile will appear in the Profiles collection on the left and the editor to Configure the profile will display.

    Figure 2: Name New Profile

  4. Edit the Profiles Services and Profile Properties, as needed. Remember to click the Save button to keep your changes.

    Figure 3: Edit Profile

  5. To use the RADIUS profile you will need to restart the IAP service with the service pronghorn restart command. Authorization levels will also need to be set to provide admin group access.

Note: To encrypt the secret under the adapter properties refer to the Password Encryption section of the IAP Installation Guide.

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