Changelog Overview
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Changelog Overview

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This page contains information for the new features, improvements, fixes, chores and tests completed as part of this release.

Changelog Overview

  • 9 Improvements
  • 71 Bug Fixes
  • 23 Chores
  • 9 Tests
  • 112 Total Tickets


  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.28 [02-17-2022] - Updated sidebar pagination to new design.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.27 [02-16-2022] - Updated Admin Essentials to use additional Rodeo components.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.25 [02-09-2022] - Replaced a custom page element with Rodeo UI PHButtonBar.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.8 [02-01-2022] - Renamed Help Desk menu to Help.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.12 [02-11-2022] - Updated the accordion menus to remove PHPaginator for new UI patterns.
  • app-form_builder:4.11.7-2021.2.3 [02-02-2022] - Renamed the Help Desk menu to Help.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.3 [02-02-2022] - Renamed the Help Desk menu to Help.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.32 [02-18-2022] - Modified health data retrieval to occur on request for service health to reduce number of rabbitMQ messages sent for health data.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.27 [02-05-2022] - Added support for automatic Hashicorp Vault encryption of repo config tokens.

Bug Fixes

  • adapter-automation_gateway:4.24.1-2021.2.2 [01-31-2022] - Added new runScriptEnv method to the Automation Gateway adapter.
  • adapter-email:4.2.2-2021.2.5 [02-09-2022] - Added a "messageId" to email events that allows duplicate jobs to be removed when using the Operations Manager event trigger.
  • adapter-nso:7.8.2-2021.2.6 [02-21-2022] - Added exactMatch option for getDevicesFiltered. This fix resolves display of incorrect device IP address in Config Manager when onboarding devices.
  • adapter-nso:7.8.2-2021.2.5 [02-14-2022] - Set the default config style for better device support.
  • adapter-nso:7.8.2-2021.2.4 [01-25-2022] - Added an extra check statement in getServiceModel to avoid returning an object without content. This fixes the service points nested inside the yang model and allows the service detail to show in Service Manager.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.26 [02-15-2022] - Refactored the Import Dialog for Pre-builts to improve error handling. An error message is now returned when a Pre-built import fails to install.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.24 [02-08-2022] - Improved error notification message when task worker is down.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.23 [02-08-2022] - Fixed the integration model search in the sidebar.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.22 [02-08-2022] - Fixed the functionality to undo unsaved changes under the properties schema in Profiles.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.19 [01-31-2022] - Fixed issue where rectifying a Pre-built error did not rerun validation. The validation API is called again when the user selects the option to import a Pre-built with a local config.
  • app-automation_catalog:2.11.10-2021.2.5 [02-18-2022] - Added the current user's username to the side navigation popover menu.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.17 [02-18-2022] - Single success notification is displayed on clone action in Gen 2.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.16 [02-18-2022] - Removed unimplemented feature logic for workflow tests.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.15 [02-18-2022] - A single consistent notification message is shown on successful item update.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.14 [02-11-2022] - Fixed a JSON forms bug that caused loss of minimum/maximum value equal to 0 in a schema. A validation error is now returned when a negative integer is entered.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.12 [02-09-2022] - Improved data handling in the childJob task on the Gen 2 canvas.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.11 [02-07-2022] - Restricted the creation of Workflow Group and Template names consisting of white-space characters only.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.10 [02-07-2022] - Fixed a bug that prevented a Pre-build from importing due to the account missing in IAP.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.7 [01-27-2022] - Tasks with multiple adapter instances no longer cause instability in the Gen 2 canvas.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.6 [01-26-2022] - Lengthy workflow names that do not wrap are now hidden with ellipsis overflow.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.5 [01-26-2022] - Fixed parsing of choices within containers in Yang models. JSON Form fields are now populated with Yang elements below the dropdown.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.19 [02-21-2022] - Fixed an issue in Golden Configuration that would incorrectly generate partial config matches as compliance failures.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.18 [02-21-2022] - Added a pop-up prompt to indicate there are unsaved variable changes in the Variable editor.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.17 [02-21-2022] - Fixed an issue that prevented a device from being removed in the Golden Configuration nodes.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.16 [02-18-2022] - Devices in a node will now update appropriately after running a node compliance in the Golden Configuration.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.15 [02-17-2022] - Added the exactMatch flag to the options param when initializing the options param.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.14 [02-17-2022] - Updated the pin button in the toolbar to have more informative tooltip text.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.13 [02-11-2022] - Fixed an auto-remediation error caused by nested disallowed configurations.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.11 [02-08-2022] - The sidebar now updates to reflect changes made to metadata.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.10 [02-07-2022] - Modified the page components in GCTree to correctly handle the addition and deletion of child nodes when the parent nodes have the same name.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.9 [02-04-2022] - Fixed an issue with the View Config Difference display so that the difference for both sides is displayed in the same container without the need for horizontal scrolling.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.8 [02-02-2022] - Resolved the issue with the node name not staying the correct size in the nested children.
  • app-form_builder:4.11.7-2021.2.6 [02-18-2022] - Updated the create and collections button links in the navigation bar.
  • app-form_builder:4.11.7-2021.2.5 [02-14-2022] - Fixed the prefix of a key inside tables and containers to resolve issue with modifying and saving migrated forms.
  • app-json_forms:1.33.5-2021.2.4 [02-02-2022] - Importing a form ID is not duplicated when that ID is already in use.
  • app-json_forms:1.33.5-2021.2.3 [01-26-2022] - Fixed a bug in the database query that caused name duplication when importing a JSON form. Imported form names are now unique.
  • app-jst:1.5.18-2021.2.5 [02-11-2022] - Success toast now displays correctly when you clone a transformation.
  • app-jst:1.5.18-2021.2.3 [01-31-2022] - Updated the migration script to prevent crashes and include the transformation id on error.
  • app-mop:6.11.8-2021.2.1 [02-09-2022] - Analytic Template tables with no footer content no longer causes the app to crash.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.20 [02-18-2022] - Improved event trigger logging in Operations Manager.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.19 [02-17-2022] - Fixed a bug in the jobs endpoints that would include job properties that should have been excluded from the output.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.18 [02-17-2022] - Applied code changes to the Event Handler to allow the JSON Schema filter to work for event triggers.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.16 [02-15-2022] - Changed the "Find an automation" label on the GetSstarted card to "Search Automations".
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.14 [02-14-2022] - Fixed a bug that caused the failedTrigger event to emit an invalid payload.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.13 [02-10-2022] - Fixed a bug that caused form input focus to be lost when certain elements on the page refreshed.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.12 [02-08-2022] - Removed the option to search or sort by 'Task Summary' and 'Task Description' in the task table UI. This search option is not supported by the backend and causes a crash.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.11 [02-08-2022] - Nodes in the workflow viewer no longer change color when selected, which was causing confusion.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.10 [01-25-2022] - All batch operations on the automations card collection now work as expected. The selected automations array is reset and all previously selected items are cleared upon completion of the delete action.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.9 [01-25-2022] - Fixed the select/deselect all feature in the Collections view when used with pagination.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.8 [01-25-2022] - Corrected a table rendering bug in Firefox.
  • app-service_management:2.24.3-2021.2.3 [02-18-2022] - Changed service_paths variable type from 'object' to 'array' in deleteServicePathsDryRun task.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.11 [02-18-2022] - Fixed the layout for the boolean variable when editing a task.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.10 [02-11-2022] - Modified the toolbar to scroll when the Gen 1 canvas width is small.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.9 [02-11-2022] - Lengthy workflow names that wraps are now hidden with ellipsis overflow.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.8 [02-11-2022] - Added a validation check to verify the input schema is complete when importing workflows from a previous version.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.7 [02-10-2022] - Fixed persistence issue with transformation task options in Gen 1 workflows.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.5 [02-08-2022] - Fixed a bug that caused incorrect rendering of Loop Type when editing a ChildJob task.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.4 [02-07-2022] - Fixed a bug that prevented running a workflow with a name containing characters requiring URI encoding.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.19 [02-21-2022] - Fixed a bug that caused usage of encoded job variable when running a child job. The parent value should not change when passed through multiple levels of child jobs.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.18 [02-18-2022] - Fixed a bug that caused the Eval task to return the wrong result when operands were of different types (number vs. string). If a string contains a number, the task now returns "true" and will take a success path.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.17 [02-18-2022] - Improved error response of failing tasks. Error message is returned instead of error stack trace.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.16 [02-17-2022] - Modified checkWorkflowForJobVariables to use the inputSchema to fix incorrectly discovered job variables.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.15 [02-17-2022] - Fixed an issue where scheduled tasks were not displaying on the legacy Job Manager page.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.14 [02-11-2022] - Added scheduler logic to ensure scheduled items are only run on servers in which the task worker is active.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.7 [02-02-2022] - Fixed an issue where certain values from lastUpdatedVersion in a workflow caused the migration scripts to run more than once.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.31 [02-17-2022] - Added eventDeduplication to the service config schema.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.29 [02-10-2022] - Added rodeo-ui src files to match styling of the Job Description page.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.28 [02-10-2022] - Fixed issue where Form Builder was not rendering forms correctly if they contained when-conditions.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.26 [02-05-2022] - Fixed issue with service_config migration of $SECRET values. Secret is now dereferenced in vault and migration succeeds.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.23 [01-31-2022] - Fixed an issue with a malformed log message in the device broker.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.22 [01-25-2022] - Removed rodeo-ui src file on install.


  • adapter-azure_aaa:1.3.2-2021.2.4 [02-02-2022] - Moved project to improved, main, pipeline.
  • adapter-azure_aaa:1.3.2-2021.2.3 [02-02-2022] - Updated engines in the package.json file.
  • adapter-email:4.2.2-2021.2.4 [02-03-2022] - Moved project to the improved, main, pipeline.
  • adapter-email:4.2.2-2021.2.4 [02-02-2022] - Updated engines in the package.json file.
  • adapter-ldap:2.13.1-2021.2.4 [02-03-2022] - Moved project to the improved, main, pipeline.
  • adapter-ldap:2.13.1-2021.2.4 [02-02-2022] - Updated engines in the package.json file.
  • adapter-local_aaa:4.3.1-2021.2.3 [02-05-2022] - Updated engines in package.json file.
  • adapter-radius:2.1.1-2021.2.2 [02-05-2022] - Updated engines in the package.json file.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.21 [02-07-2022] - Updated engine dependencies in package.json.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.20 [02-02-2022] - Updated Rodeo to fix tabbing issue.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.13 [02-10-2022] - Moved project to improved pipeline.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.9 [02-04-2022] - Updated jst-designer dependency to latest version.
  • app-form_builder:4.11.7-2021.2.4 [02-10-2022] - Moved project to improved pipeline.
  • app-json_forms:1.33.5-2021.2.5 [02-21-2022] - Moved project to improved CI pipeline.
  • app-jst:1.5.18-2021.2.6 [02-21-2022] - Moved project to improved pipeline.
  • app-jst:1.5.18-2021.2.4 [02-04-2022] - Updated JST and jst-designer dependencies to latest version.
  • app-mop:6.11.8-2021.2.2 [02-10-2022] - Moved project to improved CI pipeline.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.17 [02-17-2022] - Moved project to improved pipeline.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.15 [02-14-2022] - Updated and enforced node/npm versions.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.6 [02-10-2022] - Moved project to improved CI pipeline.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.12 [02-05-2022] - Updated engines in the package.json file.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.25 [02-03-2022] - Removed local npm configuration until this project can be moved to the improved pipeline.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.25 [02-03-2022] - Updated engines in the package.json file.


  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.13 [02-09-2022] - Completed the test refactor for test/api/routes/
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.11 [02-05-2022] - Refactored API tests to use operations-manager endpoints to make assertions.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.10 [02-05-2022] - Completed the test refactoring for test/integration/routes/
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.9 [02-05-2022] - Completed the API Test Refactor: test/integration/routes/
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.8 [02-05-2022] - Completed the fix for test/integration/routes/
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.35 [02-18-2022] - Completed the API test refactor for
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.34 [02-18-2022] - Updated tests for master and 2021.2 to use new auth API's for role and accounts CRUD operations. Also updated 2021.1 tests to use appropriate accounts filters to work against UAT.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.33 [02-18-2022] - Fixes test cases for service health APIs.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.30 [02-14-2022] - Completed the test refactor for the coordinateServiceRestartWithTimeout.js.

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