Changelog Overview
  • 04 Nov 2022
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Changelog Overview

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2020.2.21 Maintenance Release

This page contains information for the new features, improvements, fixes, chores and tests completed as part of this release.

Changelog Overview

  • 19 Bug Fixes
  • 1 Security Fixes
  • 4 Chores
  • 1 Tests
  • 25 Total Tickets

Bug Fixes

  • adapter-azure_aaa:1.1.6-2020.2.7 [10-21-2022] - Fixed an issue that prevented users from logging in if duplicate group names existed in their Azure environment.
  • adapter-nso:6.35.7-2020.2.42 [10-20-2022] - Fixed the os-type filter in the getDevicesFiltered API call. Devices with the specified os-type are properly returned in the response.
  • adapter-nso:6.35.7-2020.2.41 [10-11-2022] - Improved NSO connectivity logging. A constructive error message now displays when the NETCONF connection fails.
  • app-admin_essentials:2.15.29-2020.2.125 [10-07-2022] - Resized the loader to fit within the Browse Prebuilts container.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.206 [10-21-2022] - Updated the placeholder text in the search bar on the Transformations tab of the Collection dialog to say "Search by name".
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.205 [09-30-2022] - Users can now expand or collapse the template collection by clicking on any part of the template group node.
  • app-form_builder:4.7.14-2020.2.38 [10-03-2022] - Added a default padding size to the form-data-elements to prevent misalignment.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.114 [10-24-2022] - Fixed log console and help toast styling issues in JST Designer.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.112 [10-18-2022] - Updated the favicon link in Automation Studio so that it renders correctly when JST Designer is opened.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.109 [09-30-2022] - Updated the app-jst migration logic to change the transformation version to the current JST engine version.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.158 [10-14-2022] - Implemented a trigger control to prevent users from clicking the Run button on the Run Automation panel more than once while a file upload is active.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.157 [10-12-2022] - Improved the error message displayed when an API trigger fails to be added to an automation due to an invalid schema.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.133 [10-20-2022] - Fixed a menu bug that occurred when opening a Gen 1 workflow.
  • app-workflow_engine:8.22.1-2020.2.295 [10-28-2022] - Fixed an issue where the initiator variable was incorrectly set in sequential childJob loops. With this fix, the initiator value is retained when the workflow runs.
  • app-workflow_engine:8.22.1-2020.2.294 [10-14-2022] - Fixed the child job redirect in Job Manager.
  • app-workflow_engine:8.22.1-2020.2.293 [10-11-2022] - Repaired the control used to minimize/maximize the JSON Form that renders when using the ShowJsonForm task in a workflow.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.266 [10-19-2022] - Updated the integration request handler to better handle open API schemas.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.264 [10-17-2022] - Fixed an issue which caused the system search to not show any results and the close button to fail.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.263 [10-06-2022] - Fixed an issue that made optional parameters a requirement.

Security Fixes

  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.265 [10-19-2022] - Removed a security vulnerability where any authenticated user could update their own roles using the PUT /profiles/update API.


  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.207 [10-21-2022] - Updated jst dependency to latest version.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.113 [10-21-2022] - Updated the jst and jst-designer dependencies to the latest version.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.111 [10-14-2022] - Updated the jst-designer dependency to the latest version.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.110 [09-30-2022] - Updated the jst-designer dependency in app-jst to the latest version.


  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.159 [10-17-2022] - Added test to verify that a cloned trigger is visible in the sidebar.

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