Changelog Overview
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Changelog Overview

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2020.2.19 Maintenance Release

This page contains information for the new features, improvements, fixes, chores and tests completed as part of this release.

Changelog Overview

  • 7 Improvements
  • 57 Bug Fixes
  • 4 Security Fixes
  • 10 Chores
  • 2 Tests
  • 80 Total Tickets


  • app-json_forms:1.30.2-2020.2.37 [08-25-2022] - Added description and examples to validateData task.
  • app-mop:6.7.7-2020.2.35 [08-10-2022] - Updated documentation for the runAnalyticTemplates method.
  • app-mop:6.7.7-2020.2.33 [07-30-2022] - Updated API reference documentation for reattempt task.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.128 [09-07-2022] - Updated the menu and search functionalities of Workflow Builder.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.250 [08-27-2022] - Renamed the protection keyword from authenticated to trusted.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.249 [08-13-2022] - Updated the application menu and search functionalities to ensure design consistency.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.248 [08-12-2022] - Added support for authenticated protection schemes in the pronghorn.json file.

Bug Fixes

  • adapter-email:3.1.15-2020.2.7 [09-02-2022] - Default values added to required props in the adapter schema.
  • adapter-nso:6.35.7-2020.2.39 [08-09-2022] - Removed sensitive logging information from adapter NSO.
  • adapter-nso:6.35.7-2020.2.38 [08-03-2022] - The Remediation Results dialog now shows all lines of remediation applied to a device config.
  • app-admin_essentials:2.15.29-2020.2.123 [09-08-2022] - Fixed a regression of the logging configuration within the Admin Essentials tab.
  • app-admin_essentials:2.15.29-2020.2.122 [09-08-2022] - An error is now displayed when Admin Essentials fails to import a prebuilt.
  • app-admin_essentials:2.15.29-2020.2.121 [08-31-2022] - Fixed paginator direction for the results-per-page dropdown. All numeric options are now visible.
  • app-admin_essentials:2.15.29-2020.2.120 [08-27-2022] - Fixed a fatal error when attempting to edit an uninstalled adapter.
  • app-admin_essentials:2.15.29-2020.2.119 [08-20-2022] - Fixed an issue that caused the Install Prebuilt dialog to flash.
  • app-admin_essentials:2.15.29-2020.2.118 [08-12-2022] - Updated the system search close function so the search panel will not close out when clicking in the search panel.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.198 [09-06-2022] - The application content section now correctly expands in relation to the width of the sidebar.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.196 [08-31-2022] - Fixed the functionality of the 'Center this workflow' button.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.194 [08-17-2022] - Tags and Auth Groups are filtered correctly in the meta drop-down list.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.192 [08-15-2022] - Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed invalid Start and End times to be specified for a scheduled task. In addition, changing the Start or End time of a scheduled task from AM to PM no longer clears the set time.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.190 [08-04-2022] - Resolved an application crash when using a task from an imported OpenAPI Integration. The static variable editor is now used for providing static content type.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.189 [08-03-2022] - The Validate Incoming and Revert to Default Value options of the transformation task are now disabled by default.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.188 [08-03-2022] - Fixed the 'Select All' functionality of filtered searches in the Automation Studio Collection view.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.187 [08-01-2022] - Fixed the WorkflowMeasurements function to properly resize workflows when the user selects "Fit" in the canvas zoom level drop down menu.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.67.1-2020.2.126 [08-29-2022] - Corrected the advancedAutoRemediation API documentation.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.67.1-2020.2.125 [08-17-2022] - Clicking on the Main menu icon now displays the correct Application menu based on proper permissions set in IAP.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.67.1-2020.2.124 [08-16-2022] - Added detailed summary and description to the compliance report APIs.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.67.1-2020.2.123 [08-11-2022] - Improved the efficiency with which rodeoicons.css is imported into Configuration Manager.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.67.1-2020.2.122 [08-01-2022] - Fixed an issue that prevented the JSON Golden Configuration versions from being created.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.67.1-2020.2.121 [07-29-2022] - Imported backups are now displayed in the Device Backups accordion menu.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.67.1-2020.2.120 [07-29-2022] - Updated accordion toolbar animation and fixed Configuration toolbar z-index overlap.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.67.1-2020.2.119 [07-28-2022] - Corrected the getPins error message when entering an invalid source item.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.67.1-2020.2.117 [07-27-2022] - Fixed an issue that caused various Golden Configuration APIs to fail if the node path parameter began with a forward-slash.
  • app-json_forms:1.30.2-2020.2.38 [08-29-2022] - Updated number field schema to allow the "disabled" property.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.103 [08-31-2022] - Updated the "View all results" button to display in the left navigation bar of JST Designer when more than 50 transformations exist. All JSTs are listed in alphabetical order.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.101 [08-19-2022] - Updated the z-index in the workbench styling to fix the width of the function rename modal.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.100 [08-18-2022] - Confirmation dialogs are no longer displayed when navigating away from a transformation with saved changes.
  • app-mop:6.7.7-2020.2.36 [08-29-2022] - Modified the runTemplatesDiff API call to run the jsdiff evaluations aysnchronously.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.151 [08-31-2022] - Corrected a bug causing form elements to remain on the screen after removing a form from a trigger.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.150 [08-30-2022] - Improved the error message that displays when an error occurs while importing an automation.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.149 [08-19-2022] - Fixed a bug that allows manual triggers to run when their form input does not match the form schema.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.148 [08-17-2022] - Schema validation for updating triggers has been corrected. An error displays if the schema is invalid.
  • app-service_management:2.23.23-2020.2.12 [08-23-2022] - Added an alert dialog for out-of-sync device errors that occur when deleting instances.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.127 [09-06-2022] - Added toolbar icons to the collapsed sidebar for Gen 1 workflows.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.126 [08-23-2022] - Fixed the positioning of the search icon in the Gen 1 Automation Builder to no longer overlap the placeholder text in the search field.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.125 [08-22-2022] - Updated the "Validate Incoming" and "Revert to Default Value" options in the Gen 1 Workflow transformation task to false by default to be consistent with JST Designer.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.124 [08-22-2022] - Modified the way a deprecated task is rendered in the Gen 1 designer.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.123 [08-22-2022] - The warning message given when trying to save a task with no Job Variable name is now hidden after being displayed for a standard amount of time from being updated.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.122 [08-22-2022] - Updated workflow builder to handle transferred Mongodb cloud data.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.121 [08-18-2022] - Fixed an error in the call stack limit. Transitions drawn between tasks on the workflow canvas are now visible.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.119 [08-05-2022] - Corrected a bug causing the loading spinner to persist after creating a new workflow or loading an empty one.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.118 [08-03-2022] - Revised the UI to include a loading indicator for large Gen 1 workflows that have not finished loading; also changed the save button to rotate while in a pending state (before the save operation completes).
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.117 [07-29-2022] - Fixed the ability to scroll within the task value field of the New Job Variable.
  • app-workflow_engine:8.22.1-2020.2.283 [09-01-2022] - Workflow Engine no longer removes escape characters from the input of the transformation task.
  • app-workflow_engine:8.22.1-2020.2.282 [08-31-2022] - Updated the Job Manager search functionality.
  • app-workflow_engine:8.22.1-2020.2.281 [08-27-2022] - Fixed issue with thrown errors not being handled properly when inserting jobs.
  • app-workflow_engine:8.22.1-2020.2.280 [08-25-2022] - Resolved a redirection issue that occurred when clicking the name of a job in the Job Manager table.
  • app-workflow_engine:8.22.1-2020.2.279 [08-23-2022] - Fixed the Close button on the Job Details page to return the user to Job Manager.
  • app-workflow_engine:8.22.1-2020.2.278 [08-16-2022] - Resolved a rendering issue that affected the HTML output provided by the viewData task.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.254 [09-02-2022] - Fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting an adapter if there was a schema validation error in the IAP profile.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.253 [08-31-2022] - Fixed an issue in which methods with a protection scheme of 'public' or 'trusted' would cause an error on application startup if roles were present in the pronghorn.json file.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.252 [08-27-2022] - Improved the error message returned by the getAdapterSchema API when the requested adapter is not installed.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.251 [08-27-2022] - Removed the PHUI modal expand option.
  • pronghorn-core:11.46.5-2020.2.247 [08-09-2022] - Updated the code to create and validate a service.

Security Fixes

  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.193 [08-15-2022] - Updated the Ajv and Axios packages to stable versions.
  • app-form_builder:4.7.14-2020.2.36 [08-22-2022] - Updated the Ajv library to a stable version.
  • app-json_forms:1.30.2-2020.2.36 [08-12-2022] - Updated ansi-regex, ajv, and axios to the latest stable version.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.29.14-2020.2.120 [08-16-2022] - Updated Axios, Ansi-Regex, and Lodash to stable versions.


  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.197 [09-02-2022] - Updated the jst and jst-designer dependencies to the latest versions.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.195 [08-19-2022] - Updated JST and jst-designer dependencies to latest version.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.191 [08-11-2022] - Updated jst dependency to latest version.
  • app-automation_studio:3.17.3-2020.2.186 [07-29-2022] - Updated jst dependency to latest version.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.104 [09-02-2022] - Updated jst and jst-designer dependency in app-jst to latest versions.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.102 [08-19-2022] - Updated JST and jst-designer dependencies to latest version.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.99 [08-11-2022] - Updated the jst and jst-designer dependencies to the latest version.
  • app-jst:1.0.0-2020.2.98 [07-29-2022] - Updated the JST and jst-designer dependencies in app-jst to the latest versions.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.145 [07-29-2022] - Cleaned up and improved the Postman collection.
  • itential-utils:2.9.4 [07-29-2022] - Updated the database dependency to the latest version.


  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.147 [08-08-2022] - Adds tests to verify automations and triggers can be updated with Pronghorn in createdBy and lastUpdatedBy.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.146 [08-08-2022] - Fixes cypress tests so that they run without false failures in headless mode.

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