Changelog Overview
  • 21 Apr 2023
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Changelog Overview

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Article Summary

2021.2.4 Maintenance Release

This page contains information for the new features, improvements, fixes, chores and tests completed as part of this release.

Changelog Overview

  • 1 New Features
  • 20 Improvements
  • 52 Bug Fixes
  • 4 Security Fixes
  • 5 Chores
  • 1 Deprecations
  • 10 Tests
  • 93 Total Tickets

New Features

  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.69 [04-19-2022] - Added the ability to build user principal objects to AAA adapters.


  • adapter-nso:7.8.2-2021.2.9 [04-18-2022] - Added a trace log to fetch models functions and changed the connect process to run serially instead of parallel.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.39 [04-08-2022] - Removed masking from repo configs when vaultProps is set to readOnly.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.38 [04-02-2022] - Added an error banner to the import dialog to indicate if a Pre-built is already installed.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.35 [04-19-2022] - Updated the canvas title bar to use the Rodeo-UI PHTitleBar component.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.30 [04-11-2022] - Added the PHButtonBar component to the sidebar navigation in Automation Studio.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.26 [04-04-2022] - Updated the design for sidebar pagination. A "View All ## Results" button now displays to indicate more items are available.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.25 [04-01-2022] - Added getServerTimeZone to the Scheduler Window in the task sidebar.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.38 [04-08-2022] - Converted Titlebar to PHTitleBar.
  • app-form_builder:4.11.7-2021.2.9 [04-04-2022] - Updated the design for sidebar pagination. A "View All ## Results" button now displays to indicate more items are available.
  • app-jst:1.5.18-2021.2.8 [04-11-2022] - Updated the left navigation bar to include a "View all results" button to indicate when more transformations are available than are displayed.
  • app-mop:6.11.8-2021.2.6 [04-07-2022] - Updated the design for sidebar pagination. A "View All ## Results" button will display to indicate more items are available.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.17 [04-15-2022] - Updated the design for sidebar pagination. A View All ## Results button now displays to indicate more items are available.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.39 [04-21-2022] - Added childJobLoopIndex as a job variable for childJob loops. This enables the index value to be referenced within all child jobs.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.77 [05-03-2022] - Updated the description for a more clearly defined brokerPrincipal property.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.68 [04-18-2022] - Cleaned up the excess data sent in the service module handshake.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.67 [04-16-2022] - Updated title and description fields in the Profile schema for consistency. Added missing titles and descriptions, and corrected capitalization and punctuation.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.64 [04-15-2022] - Removed the refreshCachedGlobals function from the profiles route.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.62 [04-07-2022] - Updated the service module for global configuration to contain core methods.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.60 [04-02-2022] - Updated the authorization schema for AWS Integrations.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.59 [03-29-2022] - Added a "blocked" status to the RabbitMQ service returned by the Status API. This status will generate an alert on the Profiles page in Admin Essentials notifying users that the queue connections are blocked.

Bug Fixes

  • adapter-nso:7.8.2-2021.2.10 [04-21-2022] - Modified the Xpath expression to resolve a multi-adapter crash issue.
  • adapter-nso:7.8.2-2021.2.8 [04-01-2022] - Fixed the issue that testInstances task that does not return data in xml format.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.42 [04-22-2022] - Moved the Advanced View button from the Logging tab to the Configuration tab.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.41 [04-19-2022] - Fixed scrolling on the Profile Configuration page.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.5.64-2021.2.37 [04-02-2022] - Added a banner to notify users that RabbitMQ is unavailable due to blocked queues.
  • app-automation_catalog:2.11.10-2021.2.12 [04-13-2022] - Corrected a bug that caused the applications sub-menu to not appear.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.41 [04-23-2022] - Updated the authorization checks to display all transformation data and JST settings based on the current user's role permissions.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.40 [04-23-2022] - Fixed the View All Results sidenav logic for workflows.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.39 [04-22-2022] - Fixed an issue in which the Gen 2 job canvas would crash when multiple tasks were selected.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.38 [04-22-2022] - Improved error handling by making error objects accessible in subsequent tasks in a Gen 2 workflow.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.37 [04-20-2022] - Changed notification behavior to display a single notification when deleting a workflow group in Automation Studio.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.36 [04-19-2022] - Fixed the ability to search a workflow, form, template, and transformation collection by tags.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.33 [04-15-2022] - Importing multiple documents no longer opens the first imported document. In addition, the transformation option is now pre-selected when you open the import dialog from the Transformation tab of the Collections Dialog.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.32 [04-14-2022] - Fixed export functionality for forms, templates, and transformations when exporting via the top toolbar button in the Collections dialog.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.31 [04-14-2022] - Gave JSON Forms access to core endpoints for dynamic dropdowns.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.29 [04-08-2022] - Sorting sets nullish values at the end of the Card Collection list. This fix allows existing transformations to be filtered and sorted based on the date created.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.28 [04-07-2022] - Restored the ability to search for JSTs by ID in Automation Studio using the side navigation menu and Collections view.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.27 [04-04-2022] - A JSON form with a missing JST no longer crashes the UI.
  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.24 [03-30-2022] - The JSON Form Collection modal now closes after the user clicks the form edit button.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.49 [04-25-2022] - Fixed an issue that prevented parsers from being seeded into the database upon launching IAP.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.48 [04-22-2022] - Fixed the Show Variables and Show Execution Log button color scheme for light and dark mode in Template Designer.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.46 [04-21-2022] - An error message now displays when the View Config Difference fails to load.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.45 [04-20-2022] - Passing invalid variables in the runCompliance task now properly yields an error.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.43 [04-13-2022] - The left side of the Golden Configuration editor is no longer cut off.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.42 [04-13-2022] - Updated the success notification in Template Designer to reference the current template name when saving a Config Manager template.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.41 [04-11-2022] - Fixed an issue affecting the use of severity and warning tags with comments in Golden Configuration.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.40 [04-08-2022] - Fixed comment behavior for ALU-SR devices that would cause nested lines to report compliance incorrectly.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.39 [04-08-2022] - Resolved issue with preview option for JSON type configurations. The preview button is no longer stuck in a disabled (grayed out) state.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.37 [03-29-2022] - Fixed a migration script error to prevent duplication of an existing CM_Configs collection in the database.
  • app-form_builder:4.11.7-2021.2.8 [03-30-2022] - Workflow groups have been added to the app-form_builder navbar. Also added the ability to delete and edit a workflow group.
  • app-json_forms:1.33.5-2021.2.10 [04-28-2022] - Importing a prebuilt with a form no longer assigns a new id.
  • app-json_forms:1.33.5-2021.2.9 [04-07-2022] - Made the JSON Form task dialog wider and added padding around the form elements.
  • app-mop:6.11.8-2021.2.5 [03-29-2022] - Workflow groups have been added to the app-mop navbar for Command and Analytic Templates. Also added the ability to delete and edit a workflow group.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.41 [04-27-2022] - Fixed a UI error that occurred when a user clicks the Start/End task or a task that has not yet run.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.39 [04-26-2022] - Improved the clarity of the TypeError message given when a connection to RabbitMQ fails.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.35 [04-19-2022] - Fixed a bug which prevented the auto-work feature in Operations Manager from obtaining tasks in child jobs.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.33 [04-08-2022] - Fixed a bug that prevented invalid form data from being saved to manual triggers. This fix supports the use case of saving partial or draft form data to a manual trigger before running it.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.32 [04-01-2022] - Added a permission boundary for automations and jobs.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.19 [04-22-2022] - Updated the authorization checks to display all transformation data and JST settings based on the current user's role permissions.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.18 [04-20-2022] - Workflow references are removed from Workflow Groups when a workflow is deleted.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.8-2021.2.16 [04-14-2022] - Job variables in the ChildJob task now display in the dropdown.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.42 [05-09-2022] - Assigned a default value of 25 to the "limit" property and a maximum value of 50.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.41 [05-09-2022] - Updated the network dependency in app-workflow_engine to the latest version.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.40 [05-03-2022] - Fixed an issue where the inputLimit was not being defined, thereby causing apps to crash.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.35 [04-15-2022] - Made several fixes to reduce the number of schema prongJson pipeline errors.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.76 [04-29-2022] - Updated the activeSync comparison. The Out of Sync warning banner will disappear after restarting an app or adapter.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.75 [04-27-2022] - Fixed FormBuilder to stop reloading a form after each user input.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.73 [04-25-2022] - Updated dependency modules to rectify failed tests.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.71 [04-20-2022] - Updated network and service dependencies to fix an issue with the new readOnly Vault property in Itential-utilities. Also updated Itential utilities to support the readOnly Vault property.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.66 [04-15-2022] - Fixed the referrer cookie to clear on successful login and not persist on future logins.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.63 [04-13-2022] - Added a public API to retrieve a simplified list of authorization groups.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.61 [04-04-2022] - Updated service module dependency to the latest version.

Security Fixes

  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.47 [04-22-2022] - Updated the Ramda dependency to version 0.27.2 to fix a security vulnerability.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.90.10-2021.2.44 [04-19-2022] - Updated Recharts to version 2.1.3 to address a Regular Expression Denial of Service vulnerability.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.38 [04-15-2022] - Updated dependencies to reduce the number of npm audit pipeline security warnings.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.65 [04-15-2022] - Updated the WebServer to obfuscate token values in logs.


  • app-automation_studio:3.61.22-2021.2.34 [04-18-2022] - Updated the jst and jst-designer dependencies in app-automation_studio to the latest version.
  • app-jst:1.5.18-2021.2.10 [04-23-2022] - Updated the jst-designer dependency to the latest version.
  • app-jst:1.5.18-2021.2.9 [04-18-2022] - Updated the jst and jst-designer dependencies in app-jst to the latest version.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.36 [04-15-2022] - Updated the itential-utils dependency to enforce a 255 character limit for Job Variables in workflows.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.74 [04-27-2022] - Fixed pronghorn.json schema errors.


  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.31 [03-31-2022] - Replaced the deprecated API call to deleteJobGroups with replaceJobGroups.


  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.40 [04-26-2022] - Adds test coverage for verifying that getJobs returns unique jobs across pagination.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.38 [04-25-2022] - Reorganized the API, database, common and exported schema representations of the different triggers to avoid schema validation errors.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.37 [04-22-2022] - Adds getTask to task GBAC testing.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.36 [04-21-2022] - Adds more test cases to manageJobs.js test file.
  • app-operations_manager:1.135.13-2021.2.34 [04-18-2022] - Backports API tests.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.37 [04-15-2022] - Completed the api refactor for the POST/ workflow_engine/finish Task.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.34 [04-11-2022] - Added unit tests for proxy feature.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.12.7-2021.2.33 [04-07-2022] - Refactored pauseJob API test.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.72 [04-22-2022] - Completed the API refactor for test/functional/test/login.test.js.
  • pronghorn-core:13.15.17-2021.2.70 [04-19-2022] - Added unit tests for proxy feature.

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