Changelog Overview
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Changelog Overview

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2022.1.1 Maintenance Release

This page contains information for the new features, improvements, fixes, chores and tests completed as part of this release.

Changelog Overview

  • 2 Improvements
  • 28 Bug Fixes
  • 3 Chores
  • 33 Total Tickets


  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.64-2022.1.9 [09-07-2022] - Updated the menu and search functionalities of Workflow Builder.
  • pronghorn-core:13.28.27-2022.1.7 [08-27-2022] - Renamed the protection keyword from authenticated to trusted.

Bug Fixes

  • adapter-email:4.2.8-2022.1.4 [09-03-2022] - Resolved a security issue that caused the e-mail adapter to log credentials in plain text.
  • adapter-email:4.2.8-2022.1.3 [09-02-2022] - Default values added to required props in the adapter schema.
  • adapter-email:4.2.8-2022.1.2 [08-24-2022] - Updated the email adapter with a reconnect code method that activates upon server disconnect.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.13.12-2022.1.7 [09-02-2022] - Fixed incorrect permission checks in the Authorization sidebar.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.13.12-2022.1.6 [08-27-2022] - Updated the notifications that display after deleting an adapter or integration.
  • app-admin_essentials:3.13.12-2022.1.5 [08-27-2022] - Fixed scrolling in the Pre-built Readme preview.
  • app-automation_studio:4.1.2-2022.1.16 [09-02-2022] - Fixed an issue that caused toolbar icons in several Automation Studio applications to be hidden when the side navigation bar was collapsed.
  • app-automation_studio:4.1.2-2022.1.15 [09-02-2022] - Updated the edit function drawer width to change dynamically with the workbench.
  • app-automation_studio:4.1.2-2022.1.14 [08-31-2022] - Fixed the functionality of the 'Center this workflow' button.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.97.6-2022.1.6 [08-29-2022] - Corrected the advancedAutoRemediation API documentation.
  • app-configuration_manager:3.97.6-2022.1.5 [08-24-2022] - The Itential logo is now visible when the sidebar is collapsed.
  • app-operations_manager:1.171.4-2022.1.16 [09-06-2022] - Improved the readability of task descriptions in the Job Details view.
  • app-operations_manager:1.171.4-2022.1.15 [09-02-2022] - Fixed revert to workflow start in the Gen 1 canvas.
  • app-operations_manager:1.171.4-2022.1.14 [09-02-2022] - Fixed browser errors in job lineage related to breadcrumb navigation. Users can now navigate from a child job back to its parent.
  • app-operations_manager:1.171.4-2022.1.13 [08-31-2022] - Removed font reference causing Content Security Policy (CSP) warnings in the browser console.
  • app-operations_manager:1.171.4-2022.1.12 [08-30-2022] - Improved the error message that displays when an error occurs while importing an automation.
  • app-service_management:2.24.9-2022.1.1 [08-23-2022] - Added an alert dialog for out-of-sync device errors that occur when deleting instances.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.64-2022.1.8 [09-06-2022] - Added toolbar icons to the collapsed sidebar for Gen 1 workflows.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.64-2022.1.7 [08-23-2022] - Fixed the positioning of the search icon in the Gen 1 Automation Builder to no longer overlap the placeholder text in the search field.
  • app-workflow_builder:5.44.64-2022.1.6 [08-22-2022] - The warning message given when trying to save a task with no Job Variable name is now hidden after being displayed for a standard amount of time from being updated.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.13.31-2022.1.3 [09-01-2022] - Workflow Engine no longer removes escape characters from the input of the transformation task.
  • app-workflow_engine:9.13.31-2022.1.2 [08-27-2022] - Fixed issue with thrown errors not being handled properly when inserting jobs.
  • pronghorn-core:13.28.27-2022.1.13 [09-03-2022] - Updated the updateAccount and updateGroup APIs to filter out nonexistent roles instead of returning an error, provided they are stored as ObjectIds.
  • pronghorn-core:13.28.27-2022.1.12 [09-02-2022] - Fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting an adapter if there was a schema validation error in the IAP profile.
  • pronghorn-core:13.28.27-2022.1.11 [09-02-2022] - Improved handling for schema validation errors in Authorization APIs.
  • pronghorn-core:13.28.27-2022.1.10 [08-31-2022] - Fixed an issue in which methods with a protection scheme of 'public' or 'trusted' would cause an error on application startup if roles were present in the pronghorn.json file.
  • pronghorn-core:13.28.27-2022.1.9 [08-27-2022] - Improved the error message returned by the getAdapterSchema API when the requested adapter is not installed.
  • pronghorn-core:13.28.27-2022.1.8 [08-27-2022] - Removed the PHUI modal expand option.


  • app-automation_studio:4.1.2-2022.1.17 [09-02-2022] - Updated the jst and jst-designer dependencies to the latest versions.
  • app-jst:1.8.5-2022.1.5 [09-02-2022] - Updated jst and jst-designer dependency in app-jst to latest versions.
  • itential-utils:2.9.4 [07-29-2022] - Updated the database dependency to the latest version.

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