Adding a RADIUS Adapter
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Adding a RADIUS Adapter

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The steps for adding a RADIUS adapter are outlined below.

  1. After logging into IAP, select Admin Essentials in the left navigation menu.

    Figure 1: Admin Essentials

  2. Click the plus sign in the top toolbar to create a new adapter. The Create dialog opens.

    Figure 2: Add Adapter

  3. Click the dropdown arrow and select Adapter from the menu list.

    Figure 3: Create Adapter

  4. Enter a name for the adapter (i.e., Local_RADIUS) and select the RADIUS adapter type from the dropdown menu.

    Figure 4: Enter Adapter Information

  5. Click the Create button to finish adding the adapter. The adapter will appear in the Adapters collection in the left navbar and the Configuration tab for will automatically display.

  6. Click the Advanced View toggle (upper-right) to display the Service Config editor to check the adapter's configuration.

    Figure 5: Advanced View

  7. Check for aaa (authentication, authorization, and accounting) in the brokers property field. If the field is empty, add the broker.

    Figure 6: Verify Brokers

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