Adapter Degraded Status
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Adapter Degraded Status

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Degraded Adapter Status

The degraded status is an additional state for adapters besides the online (connected) and offline (disconnected) status. This unique state would be used for adapter-nso and other adapters that have multiple connection types. For example, let's say the rpc-connection is down but the rest-connection is still up. For this "in between" state, IAP would emit degraded to represent the connection not being fully up or fully down.

Some additional examples where the degraded state would apply include:

  • One method of communication for an adapter has been disconnected, but another is still active.
  • The adapter is connected, but it is an unstable connection.
  • Some functions related to a mode of communication fail to respond.

To use the degraded state:

  1. Add the following code block to instances where you would like to send the adapter to the degraded state.

    this.emit("DEGRADED", {
        reason: 'Reason adapter is degraded (will appear on system page'
  2. Add the following code block at instances where the adapter is no longer degraded, and this state should be removed. For example, if the second method of communication comes back online, the connection stabilizes, or a specific call succeeds.

    this.emit("FIXED", {
        reason: 'Optional'

For offline adapters, the connection will show as a red open right triangle. To recognize a degraded connection:

  1. Open the Admin Essentials application, and notice the dashboard view in the Alerts panel.


  1. Next, navigate to Profiles, select a Profile, and then click the Adapters tab.


  1. Hover your cursor over the red triangle to reveal the DEGRADED connection state. Likewise, the icon will return to green once the adapter has reconnected and is no longer degraded.


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