2021.2.0 Feature Release
  • 31 May 2023
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2021.2.0 Feature Release

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Article Summary

Itential is pleased to announce the 2021.2 feature release of the Itential Automation Platform (IAP). Highlights of some of the new features are provided below. Check out the 2021.2.0 Feature Release notes for the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Automation Gateway (IAG)

  • Better RBAC control in Automation Gateway (AG) for assigning and managing roles, including permissions for editing AG configurations and using the execution engines.

Automation Platform (IAP)

  • The IAP Homepage now is customizable! It allows administrators to add external links to appear on each user’s homepage.
  • Improved security of sensitive data such as passwords and tokens with a mechanism to ensure that secure data is no longer exposed to the UI, but still available for backend calls.
  • New handling for the SIGTERM signal to workflow engine to more gracefully shutdown. By enhancing the “shutdownTimeout” parameter, if all services have completed their shutdown activities before the timeout, then the platform will exit.
  • A better backend migration script to enable a more consistent migration path.

Admin Essentials

  • A user interface in Admin Essentials to validate and manage the database indexes necessary for optimal IAP performance.
  • Improved Pre-built installation to allow for shared resources to be more easily managed. Now when a component of a Pre-built that is currently being installed already exists on the system, the user is prompted to accept it will be overwritten by the new resource. With this improvement, users can choose to delete components that will affect multiple automations, thereby giving the user better control of the data on the system.

Automation Studio

  • Improved error handling in Automation Studio with the ability to auto-retry tasks and overwrite incoming data to fix a job.
  • A predictable input/output schema for workflows that allows Automation Studio to validate and check for potential errors before an automation is run.

Operations Manager

  • Job Manager was redesigned and moved to Operations Manager for a unified operations view of jobs and tasks, including a job metrics dashboard of how many jobs were run and how long it took to execute.

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