2020.2.0 Feature Release
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2020.2.0 Feature Release

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IAP release version 2020.2 reached end-of-support on January 5, 2023.

Itential is pleased to announce the 2020.2.0 feature release of the Itential Automation Platform (IAP). Highlights of some of the new features are provided below. Check out the 2020.2.0 Feature Release notes for the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

Highlights of this feature release of Itential Automation Platform (IAP) include:

  • An additional, second-generation (Gen2) automation canvas that delivers a brand new user experience which is optimized for smaller, modular automations.
  • A best practice analyzer (BPA) tool to give new users tooltips and guidelines to build successful automations.
  • Codeless integration with any OpenAPI or Swagger specification for generating and consuming modern API services to build out automation tasks.
  • Enhanced compliance for APIs in Configuration Manager to determine if your devices and cloud services are in compliance with your Golden Configuration.
  • Support added for MongoDB 4.2 along with new Itential encoding conventions for MongoDB storage of JSON Schemas.
  • A redesigned Admin Essentials interface to view system details and manage operations across the Itential platform, including implementation of Pre-Builts.
  • Integration of Hashicorp Vault to securely store and access device credentials in Automation Gateway.

To learn more about our 2020.2 features release, check out the showcase webinar.

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