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02 Target Import Templates

Target Import Templates

To associate a traffic policy with a device, Policy Manager must be aware of the resources on the device which may have policies attached to them. These resources are termed 'targets' in Policy Manager.

To extract targets from a device, a Policy Manager integration must provide at least one target template. This will parse out the interfaces on a device in order to import them to Policy Manager's representation of that device.

The output format of the template is determined by the JavaScript mapper, since its results will be passed along without modification to the mapper's import function for further transformation.

Example Target Template

Value Filldown ADDRESS_TYPE (Internet)
Value Filldown INTERFACE (\S+)
Value Filldown ADDRESS (\S+)
Value OUTBOUND_POLICY (not set|\S+)
Value INBOUND_POLICY (not set|\S+)

  ^\s+Inbound\s+access\s+list\s+is\s+${INBOUND_POLICY} -> Record


The above template takes in the output from running show ip interface on a Cisco IOS device and parses it into several fields for the JavaScript mapper file to use when creating Policy Manager entities.