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Adapter Degraded Status

The adapter degraded state is an additional state for adapters besides connected or disconnected. This state is for various areas in between. The following list includes some examples.

  1. One method of communication for an adapter has been disconnected, but another is still active.
  2. The adapter is connected, but it is an unstable connection.
  3. Some functions related to a mode of communication fail to respond.

Perform the following steps to use this additional state.

  1. Add the following code block to instances where you would like to send the adapter to the 'degraded' state.

    this.emit("DEGRADED", {
        reason: 'Reason adapter is degraded (will appear on system page'
  2. Add the following code block at instances where the adapter is no longer degraded, and this state should be removed. For example, if the second method of communication comes back online, the connection stabilizes, or a specific call succeeds.

    this.emit("FIXED", {
        reason: 'Optional'
  3. Open the system page, and when the adapter is degraded, the connection dot will change to yellow when degraded. Hovering the cursor should reveal the reason for this state. Likewise, it will return to green when the adapter's connection is no longer degraded.

Adapter Degraded System Page