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Installation to Add Adapter

Installation to Add Adapter to IAP (Optional)

IAP uses network and OSS adapters to facilitate the integration of IAP with various systems and applications.

In order to add a new adapter to IAP, the adapter module must be installed under node_modules within the IAP installation directory. For example:

npm install @itentialopensource/adapter-db_mongo

Once the adapter module is installed, restart IAP and the adapter will be auto-discovered during IAP startup and become available when adding an adapter via the IAP UI.

The following steps will add an available adapter to IAP.

  1. Access the IAP Web UI.

  2. Browse to Settings -> Services.

  3. Select the plus button next to Adapters, fill in the desired name of the adapter and the type, and click the save icon.

  4. A skeleton JSON object of the Service Configuration for the adapter will be created and can be edited to match your environment.

    Service Configuration

  5. Save your final adapter Service Configuration. The adapter status can be confirmed from Settings -> System -> Adapters.

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