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Password Reset Functionality

Since 2021.1 release, Itential Automation Gateway (IAG) supports password reset capability.

First Time Login

When you login for the first time, a Change Password feature is enabled that allows the user to enter a new password.

  • As a user, you will be asked to reset your password and select and answer security questions.

  • A unique email account is required for IAG user accounts.

  • The email, security questions and answers set by this functionality will be used as an identifier for username and password recovery of the account.

Figure 1: Change Password on First Time Login

First Time Login

Username and Password Recovery

To recover the username or password:

  1. Click the Forget Username/Password link and enter the email id associated with the account.

    Figure 2: Forgot Username/Password Link

    Forgot Username/Password Link

  2. Security questions set for the account will pop-up in a dialog box.

    Figure 3: Answer Security Questions

    Security Questions

  3. After answering the security questions correctly, the username is retrieved and the password needs to be reset for security purposes.

    Figure 4: Username/Password Recovery

    Username Recovery

Updating Security Questions in User Profile

Security questions and answers can also be updated from the User Profile page.

  1. Click the Authorization icon in the top toolbar on the IAG home page.

    Figure 5: Authorization Icon


  2. The User Profile dialog opens. Select new security questions from the dropdown and enter the appropriate answers.

    Figure 6: User Profile

    User Profile

  3. Click Save to update the security questions and answers. Click Close to exit.

    Figure 7: Update Security Questions

    Update Security Questions

Note: More information about Password Reset is explained in the Validation section of the Itential Automation Gateway Admin Guide.