Itential Automation Gateway

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Audit Logs

Itential Automation Gateway (IAG) provides audit logs for system and application administrators, network engineers, and support engineers responsible for troubleshooting. These audit logs provide an audit trail to understand system activity and diagnose problems.

Benefits of Audit Logging

  • Provides administrators a complete audit trail of IAG audit history.
  • Provides data to support quality and compliance requirements.
  • Tracks both user attempts and successes to perform specific actions.
  • Log entries are not user-editable, thereby protecting the integrity of audit information.
  • Automatic auditing of core system calls with easy reporting of changes.

Audit Logs Display

To access the audit logs, click the Audit Logs icon from the toolbar on the main IAG page as shown in the image below. The Audit Logs screen will display.

Figure 1: Audit Logs Icon

Audit Display

On the Audit Logs display screen, information about all the API calls initiated by a user along with with request/response details are displayed. Audit Logs can be used to identify issues and show response statuses for all API activity. Users can also search for any method calls or functions executed by a specific user.

Figure 2: Audit Logs Display Screen

Audit Log Screen