Breaking Changes

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Operations Manager


The following are breaking changes for the 2021.2 release.

Replacement of Job Manager with Operations Manager

Job Manager has been moved to Operations Manager (Ops Mgr) in the 2021.2 release. The existing Job Manager UI has been removed and all Job Manager links have been redirected to Ops Mgr.

What should I do?

Add Ops Mgr roles in Admin Essentials. The operations role for the OperationsManager role type should be selected for a user to have privileges similar to Job Manager.

The following Workflow Engine Methods are required to use Ops Mgr as an operator:

  • getJobMetrics
  • getTaskMetrics
  • searchWorkflows
  • getWorkflowsDetailedByName
  • getTaskDetails

Removal of the Download Metrics Feature

The Download Metrics feature has been replaced with a Job Metrics Overview feature. Metrics can be viewed by navigating to Job Metrics from the Ops Mgr dashboard.

API Response Structure

Operations Manager responses are formatted with a uniform top level structure; all responses will be objects with the following keys: message, data, and metadata.

Key Description
message This property will always be populated with a human readable string. This exists for debugging purposes, as well as proxying actionable feedback to a human user.
data This property will contain any data relevant to the method response, such as a list of jobs, or the result of some action, but is not necessary for every context. In situations where data is not meaningful, it will be set to null.
metadata This property is used as a container for descriptive data. It is used for things like pagination data in a search API, as well as more detailed context for errors such as input validation failures. If a response has no metadata, the key will be set to an empty object ({}).