Breaking Changes

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Itential Automation Gateway


The following are breaking changes for the 2021.2 release.

Automation Gateway directory path environment variables must now be arrays/list

In the 2021.2 release, IAG added the Configuration UI feature which allows users to make changes to the running configuration without having to restart the server. As part of this effort, IAG introduced a breaking change by converting the data type from a string to a list for many of the configuration properties that contain directory paths. The following is a list of properties impacted by the change:

  • extended_device_role_path
  • module_path
  • role_path
  • collection_path
  • playbook_path
  • nornir_module_path
  • script_path
  • terraform_path

What should I do?

If any of these properties are set as environment variables, they are required to be changed to an array/list data type. For example: