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Integration API Routes

The Itential Automation Platform (IAP) automatically creates integration API routes for all paths listed in an integration model. This allows you to use IAP as a gateway for the routes defined in the OpenAPI (OAPI) document.

Route Example

When IAP creates a route for an integration it does so by using the name of the integration service and the operationId used in the OAPI document. Let's use a GitHub OAPI document as an example. Take the following path object in the OAPI document (response definitions removed for brevity).

    "/emojis": {
      "get": {
        "summary": "Emojis_GET",
        "description": "Lists all the emojis available to use on GitHub.",
        "operationId": "Emojis_GET",
        "parameters": [
            "name": "Accept",
            "in": "header",
            "description": "Is used to set specified media type.",
            "style": "simple",
            "schema": {
              "type": "string"
        "deprecated": false

Itential Automation Platform will create a route based on the integration name and the operationId used in the OAPI document. So, if we name our integration MyGitHub then IAP would create the following route for /emojis:

http://<IAP base path>/MyGitHub/Emojis_GET


You can see the routes that IAP creates on the Help Desk page under Adapter/Integration API. Navigate to the icon on the left pane → select Help (right side) → click the View Documentation button under Adapter/Integration API.

http://<IAP base path>/help

Adapter Integration API

You can see detailed information about the OAPI document under the Integration Models section of Admin Essentials.

Integration Models

Click on the name of the integration model and IAP will render all the information contained in the OAPI document in the right panel.

Other Uses

Exposed adapter routes can also be used in JSON Forms validation in the same manner as application routes. Just find your base URL and API route in the dropdowns.

JSON Forms Validation