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External Links

External links are essentially browser bookmarks - simple links to arbitrary URLs along with a name and optional description. One key difference from a browser bookmark is these external links are globally available. Only an Admin can add/remove them so they are intended to be used when an Admin wants all users to have the exact same set of links.

As an Admin, granting yourself the ExternalLinks.admin role will allow you to add, edit, and view/open external links. Non-admins can only view/open external links (with the proper permissions). The ExternalLinks.getLinks permission is needed to view/open external links and is available in the ExternalLinks.apiread role.

On the IAP Homepage, click the plus sign (+) icon in Bookmarks to create a new external link. The Update Bookmark dialog will display.

Figure 1: IAP Bookmarks


Admins can add an External Link with a name, address, and description (optional). After creating the bookmark, the link should appear in the External Link widget, and should open in a new tab when clicked. Admins can also delete and edit links from this widget.

Figure 2: Update Bookmark

Add Link

When there are several links, a collection will display as cards with the bookmark name relevant to the link displayed within the card.

Figure 3: Bookmarks Collection

Admin View

Of note, there are some differences between the Admin and User view when accessing IAP Bookmarks, namely the buttons to create, edit, and delete will not appear in the User view.

For more information, see the IAP External Links user guide.