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Job Manager

A job is a running instance of a workflow and can be associated with groups of users. From the IAP Job Manager application, you can view and manage all active, completed and cancelled jobs.

Access Job Manager

To access Job Manager:

  1. Go to the Operation section (left navbar) of the IAP home page.
  2. Click Job Manager to display the application dashboard.

Figure 1: Access Job Manager

Access Job Manager

Job Manager UI

This section of the guide explains the user interface (UI) and the various user actions that can be performed in Job Manager.

Figure 2: Job Manager UI

Job Manager Main Page

Label UI Element Function
1 Category tabs Display views for the relevant job category (active, completed, canceled).
2 Job list Shows running (active), completed, and cancelled jobs.
3 Visualize job View a job, related tasks, and task states.
4 Pause job Pause a running job.
5 Cancel job Cancel a running job.
6 Download Metrics Download all available job metrics in a tarball.

Job Actions

The Active Jobs tab will open by default on the Job Manager UI and display all the jobs currently running. From this view, you can:

  • Click the Pause button Pause Button in the Actions column to temporarily stop a job, or you can use the Cancel button Cancel Button to immediately end a job.
  • Use the Visualize button Visualize Job Button to display workflow details for the job.
  • Click the Expand Child Jobs button to display (or collapse) child jobs.

Figure 3: Expand (Collapse) Child Jobs

Job Actions

Job Details

As mentioned earlier, the Visualize button in the Actions column of the Job Manager UI will display job details and a visual workflow for the active job. You can also display job details by clicking the job name from the Active Jobs tab.

Figure 4: Job Details

Job Manager Details

From the Details tab, you can:

  • Pause a job by clicking PAUSE. This button only appears when the job is currently running.
  • Cancel a job by clicking CANCEL JOB.
  • Click WORK TASK to work a currently running, manual task. A manual task requires user input. When you work a task, a dialog window will appear with various information, forms, or buttons that require manual input.
  • View task history by clicking the task in the table or the Task History History Button button.
  • Select the Auto-Work Tasks checkbox to avoid having to manually click any WORK TASK buttons on the screen. Every time the job has a manual task, if Auto-Work Tasks is checked, the manual tasks are worked (i.e. executed) automatically.
  • Click the Close button Close Button in the title bar to return to the Active Jobs list.
  • Click the Visualize tab in the title bar to view the job workflow.

Figure 5: Visualize Job Workflow

Visualize Job