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push (WorkFlowEngine)


The push task adds an item to the end of a job array variable.


Property Description
Select Job Variable (required) Select the job variable from the dropdown list that will receive a new item at the end of its array value.
Item Location (required) Specify where to find the item to add. The item location may come from a "job" variable, a "static" value, or an earlier task's outgoing variable.
Item (required) If Item location is "static", the Value field becomes a text edit box; type the new value. If Item location is "job" or an earlier task, the Value field becomes a dropdown list; select one of the listed variables.


Assume a job variable named fruits with value ["apple","banana","orange"] and you want to add pear as a fourth element in the array.

  1. In the push task properties dialog box, select fruits from the Select Job Variables dropdown.
  2. Select Item Location static.
  3. Type pear in the Item text box.
  4. Click UPDATE.

The push task changes job variable fruits to have value ["apple","banana","orange", "pear"].

Figure: Push task

Push To Array