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Active Tasks

From the Active Tasks user interface (UI), you can see running and completed tasks for active jobs, review tasks, and work tasks. To access the interface, click Active Tasks in the left navbar on the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) welcome page.

Figure 1: IAP | Active Tasks

Active Tasks

Active Tasks UI

Task visibility in the Active Tasks UI is limited to running manual tasks the user is authorized to work or completed tasks in the active jobs list. Tasks are organized by username and the user's group membership. The difference between claimed and unclaimed tasks is shown in the images below. A description of each numbered element is provided in the reference table that follows.

Figure 2: Release a Claimed Task

Release Claimed Task

Figure 3: Unclaimed Task Ready to Claim

Claimed Task

Label UI Element Function
1 Category Tabs Show tasks for the relevant category: Available Tasks, My Tasks, Group Tasks, Scheduled. See the Task Categories section below for more information.
2 Task List A list of running tasks the user is authorized to work.
3 View Workflow Icon View Workflow Button button to view job, related tasks, and task states.
4 Release Task Icon Release Task Button button to release a running manual task.
5 Work Task Icon Work Task Button button to work a manual task.
6 Claim Task Icon Claim Task Button button to claim a task.

Task Categories

Descriptions for each task category are presented in the table below.

Figure 4: Task Categories

View Tasks

Category Description
Available Tasks Unclaimed, ready manual tasks the operator is authorized to claim and work.
My Tasks Claimed, ready, and yet to be worked manual tasks owned by the logged-in user.
Group Tasks Ready, yet to be worked, manual tasks the operator is authorized to work based on group membership. Shows both claimed and unclaimed tasks.
Scheduled Manual tasks the operator is authorized to claim currently waiting for their scheduled times. Also shows running automated tasks.

View Available Tasks

When you access the Active Tasks interface from the IAP welcome page, the Available Tasks tab will open by default. From this tab, a list of running manual tasks in all currently active jobs is displayed.

To view an available task:

  1. Click the View Workflow View Workflow Button button.

    Figure 5: View Task Workflow

    View Workflow

  2. The workflow will open (in Job Manager) and the currently running task will be outlined in blue.

    Figure 6: Workflow Visualization

    Visualize Workflow View

  3. Click Recenter in the title bar (upper-right) to visually center (align) the workflow on the canvas. This feature is useful if you need to return the workflow to its initial center point and zoom level on the canvas.

  4. Click the Close Close Button button to return to the Active Tasks list.

Claim or Release an Available Task

From the same Available Tasks tab, you can claim a task or release a running manual task.

To claim a task, click the Claim Task Claim Task Button button.

  • When you claim a task, the task becomes unavailable for others to claim and they can no longer see it from the Available Tasks view.
  • Once you claim a task, your username will display under the Owner column.
  • You will then see your claimed task under the Available Tasks and My Tasks tabs.

To release a task you have claimed and make it available to other users, click the Release Task Release Task Button button.

  • You may do this from the Available Tasks or My Tasks tab views.
  • The task will be removed from My Tasks and will display again in the Available Tasks list for other users to claim.

Work an Available Task

You can work a task in one of two ways.

  1. Click the Work Task Work Task Button button in the Actions column of the the Active Task interface. The task is automatically claimed and unavailable to others.

    Figure 7: Active Tasks | Work Task

    Work Task

  2. Alternately, click the View Workflow View Workflow Button button to open Job Manager and then click the Job Details tab. From the Job Details page, click the Work Task button.

    Figure 8: Job Details | Work Task

    Job Details

Note: A user can only work a task they have claimed or created. Otherwise the task will need to be released before it can be worked by a different user.