Breaking Changes

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Adapter NSO

BREAKING CHANGE for 2020.1 -> 2021.1

The following are breaking changes for the 2021.1 release.

API Changes

The table below shows a list of APIs that have changed in the NSO adapter. This list represents all APIs changed in the 2021.1 release.

What should I do?

Review any workflow automations and custom apps that might reference the list below and update them. Our deprecation process typically prevents breaking changes between maintenance releases. This is an exception as this specific call had two different return formats which previously would have required additional logic to handle.

To determine if you have any workflow automations which are affected, run the following MongoDB query command:

db.workflows.find({ $where: function () { let tasks = this.tasks; for (let k in tasks) { if (tasks[k].name === 'getOutOfSyncConfig') return true; } return false; }}, {name: 1});

An example return looks like this:

{ "_id" : "37b2b173-bba4-4325-be09-28aea56beb41", "name" : "Test1" }
{ "_id" : "8eb34f05-f4d4-4cb7-a9dc-57380c6a0d68", "name" : "Test2" }

Removed APIs

API Description Previous Behavior New Behavior
getOutOfSyncConfig Method to return device config not in sync with NSO CDB. In sync devices would return an empty array, while out of sync devices would return a string of out of sync configurations. Always return a string.