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Naming Conventions

IAP Naming Conventions

This guide highlights the set of rules around naming conventions for certain values inside of the Itential Automation Platform (IAP).

Parameter and Return Value Names

Parameter and Return values in methods and manual tasks are defined in the pronghorn.json model for an application. The names of these values are restricted to the following rules:

  1. Must have a length of at least 1 (one) character, with a maximum length of 255.
  2. Can contain letters and characters from any written language that is supported in Unicode. Please see the Note below for the recommended approach.
  3. Can contain numbers.
  4. Can contain underscore (e.g. "_").
  5. Can contain dash (e.g. "-").
  6. Cannot contain punctuation from any written language that is supported in Unicode.
  7. Cannot start with a number or dash.
  8. Cannot contain other special characters.
  9. Cannot contain whitespace characters.

Note: It is recommended that parameter and return value names be limited to alphanumeric characters only and not unicode characters.


  • device
  • Device
  • router_device
  • _device
  • device2
  • gerät
  • 端末

Job Variable Names

Any job variable names created by an automation designer within Automation Builder must follow the naming conventions and rules set forth by the Parameter and Return Value Names section above.