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Known Issues

Error Importing a Workflow

Importing a workflow within the same major version of IAP should have no affect on importing. For example, if importing a workflow from 2019.1.4 to 2019.1.8, no impact to the import is expected since you are importing within the 2019.1 major version.

There are, however, exceptions when the workflows are imported from a newer maintenance release into an older one. For example, importing a workflow from 2019.1.8 to 2019.1.4 will fail with error.


In this instance the suggested workaround is to find the difference between the workflow schemas by using the following command:

diff workflow_2019.1.4.json workflow_2019.1.8.json

You can also use online tools like <> to find the difference between jsons.


Notice the "tags": [] key that is newly added to the workflow_2019.1.8.json. Removing this key from the workflow json will import the workflow in Workflow Builder successfully.

Apps or Adapters are Missing from Application Build

For IAP version 2019.3 and above, the workflow_builder application will encounter an exception when a task is accessed and the underlying app or adapter is missing from the application build. This happens when a workflow is built in an older version of IAP and then imported into the 2019.3 or higher versions.

With this type of exception, the workflow_builder application will hang and none of the tasks will be accessible. To resolve, refresh the webpage to make all the tasks accessible again.

In the image below, notice that the syncFrom task (added into version 2019.3) is retrieved and the underlying application is app-deviceManager (which is not part of the 2019.3 build).


Notice the error in the browser console:


Considering the task will never open, it becomes practically impossible to determine the assigned variables in a task. To get around this you will need to open the workflow document in your Mongo database.

Note: If you are still experiencing issues with workflows, please log a ticket with the Itential Service Desk. Be sure to provide all necessary information to reproduce the problem and one of our Customer Success Agents will help to address your issue.