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Deprecation of Adapter-Mongo in 2019.1

Adapter-mongo has been deprecated in IAP 2019.1.

As a result of this deprecation, customers will need to instantiate their database connections for custom applications. Custom applications can continue to use MongoDB, although it is no longer required

  • Adapter-mongo is currently instantiating connections by using the MongoDB node.js module in version 2.2.33.
  • For your applications to continue working as before, use driver version 2.2.33 to establish a database connection.
  • Version 2.2.33 of the MongoDB node driver only supports MongoDB up to version 3.4.
  • To use MongoDB 3.6 or higher, use the latest version of the MongoDB node driver.

Why did Itential deprecate adapter-mongo?

To better support the use of Mongo in the workflow, adapter-mongo was deprecated and replaced with an open-sourced adapter: adapter-db_mongo. The dbManager is preferred for source code, and adapter-db_mongo is how you access Mongo from a workflow.