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Deprecations in MOP (Command Templates)

The table below shows a list of deprecations in MOP (Command Template).

Item Description Deprecation Release Scheduled Removal Release Replacement
executeShell Execute a shell command. 2018.3 2019.3 No replacement.
getBootFlash Get the boot flash image if input is a MOP object. 2018.3 2019.3 MOP/GetBootFlash
getMOP Get a MOP Template when given an ID. 2018.3 2019.3 MOP/listATemplate
list Get a list of MOP instances. 2018.3 2019.3 MOP/listTemplates
outputDiff Generates a diff for the input. 2018.3 2019.3 No replacement.
runCommand Task to passthrough one command. 2018.3 2019.3 No replacement.
RunTemplateDevice Run a template against a single device. 2018.3 2021.1 MOP/RunCommandTemplate
RunTemplateDevices Run a template against devices. 2018.3 2021.1 MOP/RunCommandTemplate
setBoot (/copyImage) Set the boot statement. 2018.3 2019.3 MOP/SetBoot
Wait Task to introduce a delay then ping. 2018.3 2019.3 WorkflowEngine/delay